DFD feature shown at the China Arab Expo in China!  Ningxia TV cover a story on DFD. Narrated in Chinese with most interviews in English.  Xini, you're a star :)

dragon boat racing in the UAE

Dragon boating originated in China over 2000 years ago.   Hong Kong is the birthplace of the modern sport where the first international races were held in the 1970s.  Today dragon boating is a global sport enjoyed by millions.  The International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) is the world wide governing body for dragon boat racing.

UAE Dragon Boat (UAEDB)  has been developing the sport of dragon boating in the United Arab Emirates since 2005.  It operates under the umbrella of the UAE Sailing & Rowing Federation, the local body responsible for governing modern water sports in the UAE.

Since 2008, dragon boat festivals in the UAE have been organised and held by UAEDB in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah, including locations like the Dubai Canal, Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek.  These are exciting events that involve the whole community.  Competitive sports teams, corporate teams, schools and universities all take part.  Dragon boat racing is an intense and exhilarating  team sport that both men and women can participate in.

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THE team

Dubai Flying Dragons (DFD) is an amateur dragon boat team that was established in 2006 and a member of UAEDB.  DFD is made up of men and women with over 20 nationalities represented.  Check out the team video The World in One Boat

​DFD is a competitive team that races regularly in all local dragon boat festivals.  Highlights of the team's past local and international performances include:

  • Jul 2012 - 3rd place Mixed 500m Minor Final (CCWC, Hong Kong)
  • October 2012 - Runner-up UAE Premier Mixed Championship
  • Mar 2013 - 1st place Grand Final Mixed 1K (Eastern Mangroves)
  • Jul 2013 - 3rd place Mixed 300m (IDBC races, Singapore)
  • Oct 2013 - Runner-up UAE Premier Mixed Championship including 1st 500m & 2nd 200m (Shangri-La Abu Dhabi)

  • Dec 2013 - 1st Mixed 200m (Abu Dhabi Sailing & Yacht Club)

  • Jan 2014 - Runner-up Premier Mixed Championship (Yas Marina)

  • Feb 2014 - 1st place Grand Final Mixed 1K (Eastern Mangroves)

  • Apr 2014 - UAE Premier Mixed Champions including 1st 2000m, 1st 500m & 3rd 200m (Bin Majid Beach Resort, Ras Al Khaimah)

  • Sep 2014 - Minor Final Mixed 200m (CCWC Italy, Ravenna)

  • Sep 2017 - Grand Final Open 500m (7th Korea Open, Busan)

  • Sep 2018 - Minor Final Mixed 200m (CCWC Hungary, Szeged)

  • Dec 2018 - 4th place Open 1500m (Dubai Marina)

  • Feb 2019 - 3rd place Open 500m (Dubai Palm, The Pointe)

  • Sep 2019 - Grand Final Mixed 500m (9th Korea Open, Busan)

  • Feb 2020 - 3rd place Open 150m (Dubai Fountain)

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